Saturday, July 25, 2009

पटना के आला पुलिस अफसरों का तबादला : दोषियों को उचित सजा मिलना बाकी है

एक्जीविशन रोड की शर्मसार करने वाली घटना में अभी सारे दोषियों को गिरफ्तार किया जाना बाकी है .पर सरकार ने फौरी कार्रवाई करते हुए इलाके में तैनात आला पुलिस अफसरों का तबादल कर दिया है.लेकिन इतने से नहीं होगा . इस शर्मनाक घटना में प्रत्यक्ष या परोक्ष रूप में शामिल सभी तत्वों को एक्सेम्प्लारी दंड देने की आवश्यकता है . देखिये ऐसा कब तक होता है . लेकिन जितनी कारवाई अभी तक हुयी है संतोष प्रद है.समाचार विस्तार से पढें ;
Stripping of woman: Top police brass transferred
AGENCIES 25 July 2009, 08:27pm ISTPrint
PATNA: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday reshuffled the state's top police brass following an alleged assault and stripping of a woman by a group of men. The incident shocked the nation.
Fourteen Indian Police Service (IPS) officers including the inspector general of police and the deputy inspector general have been transferred, IANS reported.
Top police officers in Patna, including district and city police chiefs, have been removed and posted at different places.
Fourteen deputy superintendents of police have also been transferred.
The reshuffle of the police brass is being seen as a damage control exercise after the opposition and women's rights activists criticised the government for alleged lawlessness in the state.
A group of men had abused, assaulted and then stripped a woman in her 20s in full public view at a busy road in the state capital Thursday evening.
A police team was reportedly present at the site and watched the attack on the woman for nearly an hour before taking the culprits to the police station.
Assistant sub-inspector Shiv Nath Singh, who was in charge of patrolling the area, has already been suspended for not helping the woman in time.
The woman was identified as a resident of Jesidih, a town in the neighbouring state Jharkhand. Rakesh Kumar, a resident of Punaichak here, had lured her to Patna with a promise of providing a job to her.
Soon after she came here, Rakesh allegedly forced her to have sex with his friends. She ran away from the hotel where she had been staying with him for the last few days. However, Rakesh and his friends caught up with her and attacked her.
3 held for assault on girl in public
According to PTI, three persons were on Saturday arrested in connection with alleged assault and stripping of a young woman by a group of people.
Police said the arrested persons were Ashok Kumar, owner of the hotel where the woman allegedly engaged in flesh trade stayed, and the hotel manager besides an alleged pimp.
DIG Police (central range) J S Gangwar said that the arrests were made after a case was registered on the basis of the woman's statement under various sections of the IPC and the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act.


चन्दन कुमार said...

दोषियों को कहां सज़ा मिल पाती है, उसके नाम पर तो बस क्या होता है, सब को मालूम है

रंजीत said...

kuch bhee ho doshi ko to saja milnee hee chahiye. isne mahila kee Garimaa ke sath-sath Bihar par kalank lagaya hai